‘CONCRETE JUNGLE’ is the brainwave of ZAP Architecture, London. ZAP were originally engaged to design and build the ‘Pergola on the Roof’ project with Incipio Events early in 2016. ZAP viewed the opportunity to create an aesthetic journey to this rooftop extravaganza as a means for people to lose inhibitions before their arrival onto this Mediterranean fantasy on the roof of the old BBC car park on Wood Lane. This stairwell exhibition of illustration relied on the assembly of a talented team of illustrators led by Matthew Frame and artists to visually magnetise the visitor up 8 stories of stairwell, gradually leaving the grey pavements of London to an utopian paradise high above the urban atmosphere of West London’s streets.


The concept was to gradually recondition the visitor as they slowly ascend the stairwell and familiar London. The lower floors introduce familiar urban animals and friends such as cat, foxes, pigeons and rabbits amongst familiar foliage. This familiarity gradually morphs into subtle exoticism by the careful placement of more unfamiliar species such as dear, owls, and herrings. As one nears the top of the stairwell and is about to enter this carefully considered adult playground of ‘Pergola on the Roof’; a menagerie of exotic species programme the visitor for a fun-filled experience in the canopy of the ZAP stairwell. Parrots, flamingos, iguanas, elephants, snakes and panthers all reward the climber as they burst into ‘Pergola on the Roof’.