Get in touch with us to discuss your design project. We are always looking for new opportunities of varying scales; from residential planning applications to large public buildings, retail and sculpture. We are keen to work with like-minded clients and embark on a design adventure together. Let us know your objectives….



Drop us a line to arrange our first meeting so we can set out your clear ambitions into a formal brief. We understand that each project is unique and each client has different aspirations. Let’s discuss how we can use our skills to help meet your objectives. Our first consultation is free to establish if we are the correct ‘fit’ for each other. Get in Touch!

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All job applications or CV's must be sent to and be under 5MB. No hard copy paper CV's or portfolio's will be accepted due to our policy on students not making expensive paper CV's. Strictly no paper CV's will be accepted. Thanks. ZAP do offer freelance portions of work through our ‘remote working’ philosophy of building a network of skilled professionals (possibly with young children or juggling a side-business). We understand individual’s own work needs.


EVENT SPACES / pop-ups

Are you considering making better use of some redundant land or an empty building? Do you want our expertise in setting up a business offering on your wasted land? empty site? empty church? Empty pub? Car Park? Disused warehouse? We have expertise and imagination in this field. From concept to planning permission, branding to operations. We offer the complete package in-house.